Confetti Blasts

What’s a sure fire way to get a crowd to feel like a kid again? Flood them in a sea of confetti!

Available to you are your choice of hand held confetti poppers to confetti cannons operated by our staff. Whichever your choice, know you will have a crowd full of smiles.


Confetti for Weddings

So versatile, yet so festive, confetti is a great addition to recessionals, grand entrances, dance floor moments, and grand exits. .

Prevost Winter Garden Ribbon Cutting 2.PNG

Corporate & Social Events

The perfect addition to a grand opening, sales kickoff, and company celebrations. Confetti is always branded for your event and creates a buzz of energy to your event.


School Events

Nothing says you graduated, won a championship or an award like celebrating in a sea of confetti!


Ready to see your event live and in color?