Our Story

LT Entertainment is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Luis and Sharlene.  We also have the most amazing, fun loving, meticulous team we absolutely love working with.



DJ. Lighting. Monograms. Effects.

In 2007, my DJ career ignited with the goal of making each and every crowd dance the night away.  I have had the privilege of providing top quality service for weddings, gala events, corporate functions and private parties doing our utmost to create events that are tailored, one-of-a-kind, and absolutely unforgettable.

My goal at the end of the day for your event is to take the stress and pressure off of you and make you feel like the honored guest. Whether it's your dream wedding reception or corporate party, our guarantee is it’s your event, and it’s our promise to make it everything you imagine it to be and more. 

Sharlene handles most of the initial communications and I handle the behind the scenes technical side.  I love a good laugh, fun times spent with friends, and a well air conditioned room (Florida will make you appreciate this).



Planning. Coordination.

When you reach out to us, I am the face behind the excited response - I love to hear all about your event!  When Luis and I got married in 2014, I knew his passion for events was going to be a huge part of our lives.  So I said farewell to my corporate law career and fell head over heels in love with being behind the scenes coordinating weddings, corporate events, and private functions. 

My passion for planning, scheduling and executing mixed with flexibility and preparedness is so helpful before, during, and after your event. My goal is to always make the event you imagined come to life, eliminating stress and replacing it with laughter and ease. I still get chills seeing first dances, grin from ear to ear when clients are delighted with seeing their vision become a reality and love receiving a genuine hand shake (most times a hug) of gratitude from our clients and guests at the end of the night. I feel the biggest form of flattery is gaining loyal clients that trust in our services time and time again. When Luis and I merged our passions under one roof, we couldn’t have imagined forming such a fun, exciting, and fulfilling company, and with our awesome team, we are so thrilled to call it ours.  

Luis makes all the technical items come to life for all your ideas and I have a list and a smile for every task.  I love dancing, finding the positive in everything, and a great meal shared with friends and family.